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that augie will be mad fun of at his new school. he looks different compared to other kids. He wears a space helmet. that kids at my school who seem different gets picked on. 



i feel sad because Grace felt like she couldn't be in her grandfather house anymore. She was thinking about her mom. Grace felt like it was weird to be in there and her moms not. 


" its..." i stared to struggling for breath... I've need to get out of here.

All Fall Down - Ally Carter

My name is Makiah i like to read mystery stories. i heard of the story during book talk and i said to myself i got to read this book. i recently read girl stolen i like it very much i think you should read it. 


Grace moved in with her grandfather. She moved in with her granddad because her mother was killed. Grace thinks her mother was murder. She used to live with her granddad during the summer time lintel her mother passed away. she haven't been in her granddad house sense 3 years before her mom died.Her granddad is the Basseterre. Her grandfather friend Ms. Chancellor wanted grace to stay in her mothers old room. grace did not want to stay in that room she wanted to stay in the yellow room. they wanted grace to stay in that room because it was bigger than the room she wanted to stay in.